Pregnancy follow up

Pregnancy follow-up aims to protect the well-being of the mother and the baby and to complete the pregnancy in a healthy way throughout pregnancy. In general, during this process, the mother-to-be is examined 5-6 times, the number of which may vary, depending on the course of the pregnancy, during these examinations the mother's blood pressure, weight, blood tests, urine tests are performed, the baby is first detected by ultrasonography, and then its development, growth and organs are followed. It is tried to detect the presence of structural and genetic anomalies in the baby with ultrasonography. Again, blood tests are used to detect chromosomal abnormalities in the baby. Blood tests called double, triple and quadruple tests are performed by pregnant women. In the later stages of pregnancy, a test called NST is performed to pregnant women to determine the well-being of the baby and the contractions of the mother.

Nutrition and drug supplements during pregnancy are important for both mother and baby. It is important that the mother is guided and informed by us about her physical activities, what she should and should not do.