Chronic pelvic pain (CPP), Neuropelveology

When pain continues for more than 6 months after the elimination of the initial pathology or when no cause is found, chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is considered to have developed Neuropelveology has been introduced as a new discipline focused on pathologies of the pelvic nervous system and the possibilities for improved neurologic diagnosis in CPP/CPPS. Neuropelveological procedures should be reserved for experienced surgeons with special training in laparoscopic retroperitoneal pelvic surgery, but the diagnosis of pelvic nerve pathologies is possible for all clinicians familiar with the neurological symptoms and signs specific to the area.

Some of cpp causes :
endometriosis, endometrioma, pelvic nerve vascular entrapments, pelvic nerve fibrosis, ovarian remnant , pelvic congestion, vascular enlargement sciatalgia sciatic nerve pain lumbosacral nerve pudendal neuralgia genital pain

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